“Working Late…. its for IT..GC..”

Yup, this is James, “Working Late…. its for IT..GC..” it stands for IT_General Control…

Basically documents for our IT Section… I am doing some Security Documents/Procedures this last few days… Particularly on the ‘Dealing with (Monitoring, that is) Unauthorized Access on Servers’ ….

Well, Ive got till Saturday (Sabado po ) to finish this….

Nihongo= “Demo honto ni chotto kantan datou omoimasu ne… ”

For this night (9pm now) I still have around 40mins left here to stay in this office… gonna move on, on this docs… ja ne…


One thought on ““Working Late…. its for IT..GC..”

  1. Hello JamesBob! your forum is quite nice and think powerful as well. Thank you for this kinda tools that IT guys can read and follow some of technical terms posted as a guidelines while in tough work on-hold.
    This is my first comment, Good night!

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