3 IT terms


The following terms defined here are :

(Ilang terms ito na importante sa IT, lalo na kung gagawa kayo ng mga Work-Pro or Manual, well ito po yun.. =)

a) UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS’ – This term corresponds to the act of connecting or establishing connection to a certain servers or network node without the proper authorization, meaning this is against the rules and highly prohibited.

b) ‘SERVERS’ – This is a term that means on a local area network (LAN), a computer running administrative software that controls access to the network and its resources, such as printers and disk drives, and provides resources to computers functioning as workstations on the network. On the Internet or other network, a computer or program that responds to commands from a client. For example, a file server may contain an archive of data or program files; when a client submits a request for a file, the server transfers a copy of the file to the client.

c) ‘MONITORING’ – This term monitor or monitoring generally means to be aware of the state of a system. It is also to observe a situation for any changes which may occur over time, using a monitor or measuring device of some sort.


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