MS SQL: “tablediff ” Utility

    tablediff.exe utility features:

MAIN funtion: Comparison between two tables from SQL Server instance. 
Row by row fast comparision. 
**Perform column level comparison.** 
Easily generate change script between production and development SQL server instances.
Log result can be captured as output file or database table.

Directory Path:

tablediff.exe is available on SQL Server instance at 
"<DriveLetter>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\COM\TableDiff.exe"  or
"<DriveLetter>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\COM\TableDiff.exe"
<DriveLetter> is the hard drive where SQL Server instance is installed.

>> examples can be found here and MS-site > here

Sample Syntax: *via CMD
tablediff -sourceserver "MYSERVER\Instance" -sourcedatabase "MyTestDB" -sourcetable "Tablename" -sourcepassword password -sourceuser username -destinationserver "MYSERVER\Instance" -destinationdatabase "MyTestDB" -destinationtable "Tablename" -destinationpassword password -destinationuser username -f C:\tablediff_Result.txt
-Make sure the syntax is written all the way like 1 straight sentence.
-Even when running this in the SQL server itself via cmd, it still looks for that source/desti user/pass
 or else you get the error msgs "..cannot access this xxxx database.."
-The values has ".."  except in username/pass as sampled above

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