NTP – setting via gpedit

Using the NTP Pool on Windows to Keep Your Clock Set

This approach requires GPEDIT.MSC, it will work on any windows machine that has GPEDIT.MSC, that also has windows time service installed.

>Launch gpedit (start/run/”gpedit.msc”)

>open to the following node, Computer Configuration/administrative templates/System/Windows time service/Time providers

>double click “Configure Windows NTP Client”

>choose the “enable” radio button

>change the NTP server to your appropriate continental region, such as 0.pool.ntp.org, if there is a “,0x1” behind your original server leave it. In the case of my machine in north america it looks like this 0.north-america.pool.ntp.org,0x9

>change the “Type” drop down to “NTP”

>click the “Next Setting” button in the upper right corner.

>choose the “Enable” radio button

>click “OK”, then close all the way out.



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